Andy’s pilgrimage during summer 2019

This is Felix, my first angel of the camino.  I had lost my way in the city streets and he not only showed me the way but like Jesus on the road to Emmaus walked beside me and talked about camino's he'd done.

When you leave the city the signs change to posts.

My first albergue is in venta de esclampero.  This is the view from the albergue window with a rainbow in the distance.  There are 6 fellow peregrines (pilgrims) 3 Americans, 2 Spaniards and one German.

My second angel of the camino is person or persons unknown who placed coffee making facilities in a shelter in the village of San marcelo.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it until an hour later.

Spent last night in Salas, a pretty town with a medieval old town and cobbled Streets.  The municipal alburgue was interesting.  At one point I counted 6 distinct snores in the room from a rasping heavy breathing to a bull's blare and a mooing cow.  For a while it was almost symphonic and in time.  Then there were the sporadic sniffs, farts and bottom scratches, though to be fair those last three were mostly just me.

Angel of the camino number three is James, an Aussie who tweezered out a couple of ticks that had found their way onto my back.  The photos below are of my back, the removed but still alive tick, and James, who was more than happy to cause a pommie pain.  Disappointingly the procedure was entirely painless.  Please note, no ticks were harmed in the making of this message.