Andy's thoughts

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I believe in the sun even when it is not shining
This month Bob talks about keeping the faith even in times of trouble.

There but for the grace of God go I​​​​​​​
This month Alan Stanley provides an inspirational tale of work carried out in Garforth.

Bob discusses how making mistakes can lead to growth.

Going Electric
Bob talks new transportation and our greater role in helping the planet.

May the fourth be with you
This month Andy talks Easter, Pentecost, Star Wars and the PM

Lightsabers and Robin Reliant
Bob talks about how personal stories and those better known relate to Easter.

Tools for the journey
Here Andy shares his thoughts and makes reference to the Lent study groups which we are running. The details can be found on the previous page.

Lent study groups
A list of dates and venues for the lent study groups across all our parishes.

Whispering beneath our feet
Bob discusses the significance of trees, well known and otherwise.

In praise of sabbath rest
Andy talks about how important time out is and his upcoming sabbatical

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