Andy's thoughts

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100 years
Andy discusses the upcoming anniversary of the end of WW1 and what we should all remember.

What lays beneath the clouds of Jupiter?
Bob gives his thoughts on how investigating the biggest planet relates to the mysteries closer to home.

Tri-ing to learn the lessons
Andy relates the challenges of his triathlon to those faced in everyday life.

Summer Holiday
Bob shares his thought with us regarding the summer hols.

Eng-er-land and the stickiness of community
Andy talks about the nature of community and the football World Cup.

I don’t like change
Bob talks about the challenges we face when dealing with new things.

May the 4th be with you
Andy talks about the celebration of Pentecost, Star Wars and some famous past/future sporting events.

This month Bob talks about his feline friend and how we can relate other matters to our relationship with our pets.

The Changing of the (shoe) guard
This month Andy relates a changing family situation to our evolving church.

Love from the ashes
Bob looks ahead to Ash Wednesday falling on the same day Valentine’s Day and the significance to everyday life.

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