Andy's thoughts

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This month Bob talks about his feline friend and how we can relate other matters to our relationship with our pets.

The Changing of the (shoe) guard
This month Andy relates a changing family situation to our evolving church.

Love from the ashes
Bob looks ahead to Ash Wednesday falling on the same day Valentine’s Day and the significance to everyday life.

The inconsistent accounts surrounding the birth of Jesus
Andy relates the birth and life of Jesus to modern society

There is only one genuine Father Christmas
Bob shares his thoughts for this month’s article

Light in the shadows
Andy discusses amongst other things; the upcoming service of light and the change in the seasons.

Apocalypse Now
Bob shares his thoughts with for this month's article

Deacon to priest
Andy talks about Bob, the new curate's role

Angels in the mud- August newsletter article
Andy shares his thoughts on upcoming events

If you want to make God laugh...
Andy relates his recent change in plans to his thoughts for this month

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